Speedy Wrath

by T0xicTrooper21
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Wekono's Wrath
Tossing your snake after reloading is faster and deals an additional 500 damage.
Eerie Presence
Reduce the Cooldown of Mending Spirits by 0.5-2.5s if you miss.
Mending Spirits
Feed the Spirits
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
Snake Pit
Increase your Movement Speed by 4-20%.
Spirit's Touch
Increase your movement speed by 8-40% for 3s after using Slither.
Increase your Healing received by 8-40% while at or below 50% Health.



With the buff to Snake Pit, Mal'Damba has a very fun stun build. You will primarily be wanting to use this set if there is already a Support, since stun Damba plays more like a Flank. Remember that with Wekono's Wrath your stun snake will fly farther, so you don''t have to be super close to land it like normally. For items, you'll want:

-Deft Hands. Deft Hands allows you to get more stuns off, which you want since they'll do more dmg than you Primary.

-Nimble. Stacks with Snake Pit, and is barely affected by Diminishing Returns

-Cauterize. You don't want to deal with an almost dead target when it gets burst healed by the support. Caut is always good.

-Chronos, Haven, Resilience, Morale Boost. Whatever fits your need, this last slot is up to preference.

For the cards. Eerie Presence is a staple in all Mal'Damba decks. 3 is a good level for it, since your primary objective is to deal damage. Feed The Spirits give some CDR for all your abilities on Elims, which is super helpful. Snake Pit V is the highlight of this deck, allowing you to move around faster. It essentially lets you start the match with Nimble III, which is an awesome advantage. This helps you strafe more, find cover, and close gaps easier. Spirit's Touch is just a nice filler, giving you a bit more than Nimble I after a Slither. Sustenance III is the topper on the deck, giving you a bit more self sustain, or makes your healer's job a bit easier.