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Spreading Influence
Decrease the percentage of Healing given to Marked targets by 20%, but you can have two Marks out at a time.
Mark of Fate
Grand Design
Grants Marked ally 3-15% Lifesteal and Corvus shares 100% of the Healing done due to the Marked target's granted Lifesteal.
Mark of Fate
Crushing Expectations
Increase the Movement Speed of any ally Marked by Mark of Fate by 3-15%.
Mark of Fate
The Price of Salvation
Heal for 75-375 over 1s after Healing an ally with Abyssal Reconstruction.
Abyssal Reconstruction
Abyssal Effluxion
Reduce the damage taken by an ally Healed by Abyssal Reconstruction by 5% for 0.8-4s after being Healed.
Abyssal Reconstruction
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.


This can be used in solo or double support.  Spreading is significantly better than his other 2 talents.  So if it is double support, ideally you go Spreading and the other support goes the DPS talent.  Spreading Influence doubles the value of Grand Design and Crushing Expectations.



Filler card slot for Battle-Ready is preference.  You could use By My Will, Shadow Tribunal, Priority Targets, etc.