Tank Grover

by RomanTaco
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Rampant Blooming
Allies Healed by Blossom will Heal for an additional 300 over 3s.
Increase your maximum Health by 75-375.
Reduce your damage taken by 6-30% for 4s after using Blossom.
Force of Nature
Gain a 150-750-Health Shield for 3s after dropping to or below 50% Health.
Hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw reduces the Cooldown of Blossom by 0.6-3s.
Crippling Throw
Reduce the Cooldown of Blossom by 0.4-2s.


New update, folks! And with it, this pure evil build.

Ah, healers. The stereotype often has them relegated to hovering around the tank at all times, the Good Samaritan never straying too far from the team, for they are weak without backup.

Not anymore. There is no more tank. Because YOU are the fucking tank. Let’s get going.

Talent: Can really be any of the three, doesn’t affect the build.

Barkskin (5): Pretty basic max health increase. Simple but a key component of this build.

Unstoppable (5): 30% DR upon using Bloom. Bloom heals you, and as the rest of this build will reinforce, this will be a problem for the enemy. It will be a complete pain in the ass having to carve through your massive effective health pool.

Force of Nature (3): Oh, what’s that? The enemy managed to cut through half of your health pool? Don’t worry! Have a free 450 Shielding while you stall for Bloom to come back!

Fatalis (1): Hey, you know what’s more annoying than an ability that grants someone 30% DR and healing? Having a card that decrease the cooldown of that ability!

Perennial (1): Pretty much the same thing as Fatalis. Just as annoying.

Items: Ohh, boy. This the important part.

Veteran: Max this shit out. Increased health coupled with your cards will give you a very, VERY big health pool to operate with.

Haven: 18% DR at max level. Combine this with your DR card and HP card and you’ve successfully caused an uptick in migraines across the Paladins user base.

Well, I’m sure I’ve just punched my ticket to hell. Have fun!