Tyra hunting party ranked meta

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Hunting Party
Hunter's Mark has 2 charges and grants its benefits to allies.
Hunter's Mark
Favored Quarry
Increase the duration of Hunter's Mark by 0.6-3s.
Hunter's Mark
In The Fray
Decrease your damage taken by 4-20% for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Primal Might
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
Increase your Movement Speed by 5-25% while Hunter's Mark is active.
Hunter's Mark
Reduce the Cooldown of Hunter’s Mark by 1-5s.
Hunter's Mark


This build allows you to move fast while giving your entire team extra damage output and vision of 2 enemies especially useful against annoying flanks or tanks that seem like they simply refuse to die
While 15% damage buff might not seem that impressive keep in mind it applies to everyone in your team so if you have teammates that know they should focus the marked targets then your enemies will simply get deleted

Card explanation:
Favored quarry makes it extra annoying for the enemy since it makes them vulnerable for longer
In the fray helps a bit in 1v1s
Primal might helps a bit with getting more marks
Tracker gives near constant mobility
Ranger helps you spam those marks more
For items I would mainly recommend you get what is necessary first for example if they have a lot of shields go wrecker if they are cc heavy go resilience
Next I would prioritize nimble since it stacks with tracker
Chronos can be useful if you feel like you need more marks otherwise haven veteran or master riding are good choices