Unnatural Persistence

by PaladinsAcademy
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Unnatural Persistence
Heal for 25 every 0.25s while on an objective and for 1s after leaving the objective. This effect increases the longer you maintain it, up to 65 every 0.25s.
Dreadful Compact
Reduce the Cooldown of Hardening by 0.3-1.5s after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Raze and Burn
Heal for 50-250 after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Deadly Predator
Increase your maximum acid capacity by 8-40%.
Futile Efforts
Reduce the Cooldown of Piercing Quills by 0.05-0.25s each time you hit an enemy with Caustic Spray.
End of an Era
Increase the additional Damage Reduction benefit of Hardening by 20-100%.


This is for point tank Yagorath.

On point, you'll need to harden more and you'll probably have an easier time shooting quills against the enemy main tank than in the off-lane, so Dreadful Compact is at 5 and Futile Efforts is at 1 to help that a little bit.  (Last Efforts could be a good filler too)



End of an Era.  Usually Harden is cancelled early anyway, so it's a must-have card.  But I don't have it at 3 because





Towering Presence is a good card.  The reason why I don't have it in this build is because, on point, enemies will have LoS on you anyway, and a few hundred extra HP might not be to save you.  You'll probably have to Ult the enemy point tank at point blank.  But I'd consider adding it in if its good.