Yagaroth “Stay alive” deck

by Listless
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Corrosive Acid
Augment your acid, increasing the damage done by Caustic Spray to 42, the damage of acid pools to 40, and increase the Movement Speed of allies within your acid pools by 20%.
Caustic Spray
Raze and Burn
Heal for 50-250 after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Futile Efforts
Reduce the Cooldown of Piercing Quills by 0.05-0.25s each time you hit an enemy with Caustic Spray.
Ancient Wounds
Generate 2-10% of your maximum acid after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
The Great Worm
Gain a 80-400-Health Shield for 2s after swapping into Travel Form.
Form Swap
Last Efforts
Hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills grants 20% Lifesteal for 0.6-3s.
Piercing Quills


This is a deck created by me personally because I play her as my main, I call it “Stay Alive” the main thing is the deck can most definitely be improved I saw so many possibilities with how many life steal cards there are for her

It’s a frontline deck where you try to tank dmg and heal yourself by dishing out dmg “The Great Worm” can be taken out of the deck with the only consequence being unable to run more easily, I’m thinking about adding “Extermination” instead of it overall it’s better to have a competent healer with you for this deck as without one you will get shredded pretty fast but you require really good aim for it to work with the quells.

In all honesty she needs a buff in some area as she is so big you can’t hide behind most Shields or objects even with the health you will die relatively fast as even with the travel form it takes a second to deploy and by that time you are already dead, all things considered shes my favorite character and looks cool I started getting into this game a month ago lol