[7.1] Undying Speedy Terminus

by Angeleur
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Reduce the damage you take by 20% while at or below 50% Health.
Strength of Stone
Reduce your damage taken by up to 4-20% based on the number of Calamity Blast charges you have stored.
Calamity Blast
It Follows
Increase your Movement Speed by 2-10% for each Calamity Charge you have.
Calamity Blast
It Watches
Generate 3-15% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.
Hulking Monstrosity
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Generate 10-50% of a Calamity Blast charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.


Main build that i use to kick a**.

Buy nimble, DR, reju (carefull with the diminished returns) and rotate between siphon until full charges, speed and DR, then be agressive af.

Keep these charges except if you can, whithout any doubt, kill an IMPORTANT foe that wouldnt die if you didnt.
Use willo and dredge spam to charge easily, and rotate attack/siphon to deal dmg and having at least 30% siphon anytime.

Don't forget to Block burst damages from ennemies to your teammates. You can be behind them or sideway, it kinda works like Dva matrix.

Under 50% HPs, you will have, with the cards, talent and max haven around 50% DR (diminished returns kicks in after the first sta k) and speed can go up to 80% with lethality.
Otherwise, Agility+full cars with 5 charges gives you 61% speed.

Be agressive, think about your teammates and your placement, surprise highground ennemies with shatterfall and i promise you this deck will be one of the best version possible with this talent. Enjoy!